Sponsor your favorite GitHub creators with Chainlink Functions

Contribute to GitHub creators who meet the goals you define.

Define a threshold goal for the creator to reach and execute a one-time donation based on your criteria.

Add your wallet address to the Functions beta preview list to use this app.

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This dApp will show you how to use Chainlink Functions to bring web2 data on-chain and use this data in your smart contracts.

Getting Started

  1. 1. Install & connect a wallet
    metamask logowalletconnect logo
  2. 2. Enter the repo URL for the creator you want to sponsor
  3. 3. Define the metric by which you will donate (Stars or Forks)
  4. 4. Enter the threshold number
  5. 5. Enter the amount of MATIC to donate based on your defined threadhold

For Developers

This dApp is built using Chainlink Functions. It enables developers to use web2 data in web3 smart contracts. Learn how to build a full-stack dApp with Chainlink Functions.

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